It’s a hard knock life

Hey fashion peeps today i have some awsome stuff to show you. I made a blog pic with my friend Dean he is wearing some great looking clothes from ::HEYDRA::. Than we come to me 🙂 i have some awsome piercings from :Diamante: and POMPOSITY. Also a lovely top from .ARISE. A sexy skirt from Stickyz with some awsome boots from Kink! And last but not least we have some cool poses from .ploom. and Vestige. Hope u enjoy and don’t forget to come check out all the great stuff at Risque Business. 🙂

It's a hard knock life

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Brandell Rigged Mesh Bubblegums

Hat: !NFINITY Tophat Madam Butterfly RARE @ Risque Business

Eyebrow piercing: :Diamante: & {K} Royals – Facial Piercing

Dimples: :Diamante:&{K}: Facial Dimples Piercings

Necklace: POMPOSITY – Large Link Necklace – Full set

Top: .ARISE. Dome Shirt / Black

Belly Piercing: POMPOSITY Diamond Peace Belly Piercing @ Tiptoe Through the Tulips Hunt 

Skirt: [S] Darkstyle Camo Skirt @ Dark Style Fair

Leggings: CuteBomb Lace Leggings @ Risque Business

Heels: {K} Rock Star Boots 

Pose : .ploom. PNUP 2 – 6 @ My Attic

What dean is wearing

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*31(Black)

Hoodie: ::HEYDRA:: Jackson Hoodie Black

Shorts: ::HEYDRA:: Davos Shorts Black

Shoes: ..:: Energie ::. All Star High Chucks Black Bag

Pose: Vestige – Morris 9

Bad Hair Day

Hey blog lovers today me and my twinnie lanny are having a bad hair day. So what better solution is there than to do put a bag on our head. This awsome hair comes from .ploom. And the poses aswell. Also having again these awsome jewels from POMPOSITY. A beautiful sexy dress from [Cynful]. And last but not least some great shoes made by Latreia. Hope u enjoy!

Bad Hair Day

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: .ploom. Ponyo – Ploomage

Bag: [geek.] Not Here Paper Bag @ Anti Social Hunt

Necklace: POMPOSITY – Large Link Necklace – Full set

Arm Band: POMPOSITY – Large Link Arm Band – Full set

Dress: [Cynful] Summer Breeze – Aqua @ The Dressing Room

Anklet: POMPOSITY – Large Link Anklet – Full

Heels: Latreia– Albina Wedged Sandals @ Risque Business (Opens may 25th)

Pose left: .ploom. PNUP 2 – 3 @ My Attic

Pose bag: .ploom. PNUP 2 – 2 @ My Attic

To see what lanny is wearing click here

Feeling Pretty

Hey fashion lovers i have some awsome items to show you. So first we have some awsome hair from KOY and some beautiful poses from .ploom. Second we have so many nice jewelry from this great store POMPOSITY. There is also a cool piercing from :Diamante:. A sexy dress from Delirium Style and last but not least some lovely pair of heels from ::Fang::. U can find them at Risque Business and i just want to remind u that it opens May 25th. Enjoy!

Feeling Pretty

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: KOY – Tart @ My Attic

Headband: POMPOSITY – Swirly Curly Headband Exclusive @ Suicide Dollz

Face piercing: :Diamante:&{K}: Corset Facial Piercing @ Risque Business (Opens May 25th)

Necklace: POMPOSITY – Large Link Necklace – Full set

Bracelet left: POMPOSITY – Large Link Bracelet – Full set

Bracelet right: POMPOSITY – Multi-Cross Bracelet

Ring: POMPOSITY – Multi-Cross Ring

Dress: D-Style – Club Style Dress w.HUD @ Risque Business (Opens May 25th)

Legstap: POMPOSITY – Large Link Thigh Band – Full set @ Risque Business (Opens May 25th)

Heels: ::Fang:: Peeptoe Creepers Pattern @ Risque Business (Opens May 25th)

Pose left: .ploom. PNUP 2 – 3 @ My Attic

Pose middle: .ploom. PNUP 2 – 4 @ My Attic

Pose right: Jewelry Pose 4 – Label Motion

Dangerous Twins

Hey fashion peeps today i made a bloggie with my awsome twinnie lannie. So we have some awsome events going on. First we have some awsome .ploom. hair at the liaison collaborative. Second we have some awsome jewelry from POMPOSITY most are in store as hunt items. Third we have some awsome goodies from *Pervette* she made some awsome tattoo’s and anklets. Also an cute top from {PixelGeek}. I’m not done yet *takes breath* And we have some sexy shorts from Babydoll. Awsome shoes from HEYDRA and last but not least some awsome poses from PoseMe. Enjoy lovelies 🙂

Dangerous Twins

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: .ploom. Shawna @ The Liaison Collaborative

Earrings: POMPOSITY – 4×4 Fat Track Earrings @ Cotton Candy Hunt

Necklace: POMPOSITY – Motherly Love Necklace 5 @ Mum’s Day Gacha Fair

Top: {PixelGeek} Little hearts top – white

Handtattoo: *PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Infinity @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Ring: POMPOSITY – Flying Saucer ring @ Aliens in Cyberspace Hunt

Belly Piercing: POMPOSITY – Diamond Key Belly Piercing @ Exclusive hunt

Pants: BabyDoll. Mini Shorts / Black

Holster: alterego I gangsta holster

Shoes: HEYDRA Sera Heels Gray (Clutch included)

Anklets up: *PerveTTe* Adorable [Funny] @ Funny Puppet Fair 2014

Anklets down: POMPOSITY – Anklet – Barbie exclusive @ Gacha Garden Event

Foottattoo: *PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Zombie (part of the tattoo) @ Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Poses from left to right:

PoseMe – Haute 31
PoseMe – Haute 30
PoseMe – Haute 3
PoseMe – Haute 17

To see what Lanny is wearing click here

Spring Fling

Hey everyone so this time i made a picture with beautiful Grace i want to thank her for posing with me was a long road but finally we finished the post :). Today im wearing an awsome outfit from *Pervette* i just love all this pink 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: Moon{Hair}. Cult Division @ Chapter four

Outfit: *PerveTTe* PrinSexcess

To see what Grace is wearing click here

Why does love always feel like a battlefield

Hey blog lovers i would like to introduce u to some new stores on the market and i’m the lucky girl that can blog for them. First i have hair from KOY he just started making hair and i already love it. Second I have .DirtyStories. an awsome new store with nice special goodies like this helmet, shoulder pads and leg cuffs. We also have Unborn Soul it’s also a new store and she made this sexy bodysuit. Last but not least we have *Pervette* she makes awsome designs like this footchain and socks. Enjoy!

Why does love always feel like a battlefield

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: KOY – Kyra

Helmet: .DirtyStories. B.M.V Helmet & Goggles

Shoulder pads: .DirtyStories. QueenOfTheDead Shoulder Pads

Bodysuit: U.S Kitty BodySuit

Bracelets: dl:: Rock star bracelets

Legstrap: dl:: Cursed Love LegStrap

Leggings: -UtopiaH- My Sheer Knee [Darks]

Cuffs: .DirtyStories. Cutie Leg Cuffs

Socks: *Pervette* My Socks Half Lace @ She & Him

Footchain: *Pervette* My Roses Feet [Black] [RARE] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Girl Time

Hey Fashion people today again some awsome stuff from The Cotton Candy Hunt. And yes its finally open u can find below the lms to grab those cute items 🙂 Im also wearing some awsome heels from Latreia it goes with Slink Mid Feet and its at the pink fusion hunt. I have these sexy belly piercing from POMPOSITY at the erotigacha. And at last i have an awsome pose from PoseMe u can find it at the Pose Fair. Thank u to my twinnie for making the picture and posing with me 🙂 Enjoy sweeties ❤


Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: *Milk* Hair~ Love Notes *Blondes* @ Fameshed

Mouth candy: {Amai} Kai Bekon @ The Cotton Candy Hunt

Belly Piercing: POMPOSITY – Goddess Belly Piercing @ Erotigacha

Top: Lolita – Cotton Candy Top @ The Cotton Candy Hunt

Skirt: *Angels & Shadows* Candy Baby Mini Skirt @ The Cotton Candy Hunt

Leggings: Static – Leo Stockings – Pink @ The Cotton Candy Hunt

Heels: Latreia– Jada @ Pink Fusion Hunt

Pose: PoseMe – Girl Time (part of the pose) @ Pose Fair

To see what lanny is wearing click here

We know we’re not perfect but we are awsome

Hey blog lovers so we did something exclusive today we made a pile of our outfit and wanted to give credits to the photographer who made the best pile up. And the winner is Pinkrosey Fang. She did an awsome job and all credits go to her. Thank u very much hun 🙂 Now what im wearing is more items from the cotton candy hunt it starts tomorrow u better not miss it 🙂 Also some awsome hair from .ploom. Thank you for posing with me twinnie lanny ❤ Enjoy 🙂

we're not perfect but we are awsome

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: .ploom. Recycle – Ploomage

Tattoo: Tablou Irresistible:: Irresistible Princess Upper @ Cotton Candy Hunt (Starts 4th of may)

Bodysuit: BOMBSHELL Cotton Candy @ Cotton Candy Hunt (Starts 4th of may)

To see what lanny is wearing click here

Locked in Heaven

Hey fashion dollz today i have for you some newest stuff from The Cotton Candy Hunt as u can see below.  Babydoll. made this awsome new hair. Also some cute peeptoe heels it works with slink high feet and its available at fi*friday for only 55 linden. And i have these awsome pants from [Cynful] that u can find at the dressing room. Enjoy!

Heavely Shopping

Shape: My own

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ewa ]

Hair: BabyDoll. Katie / Blondes [NEW!]

Lipstick: Pink Acid KoolAid Lipstick – Pink Lemonade @ The Cotton Candy Hunt (Starts 4th of may)

Purse: NS:: Mesh SweetBag @ The Cotton Candy Hunt (Starts 4th of may)

Bodysuit: *Epic* Melty Bodysuit @ The Cotton Candy Hunt (Starts 4th of may)

Pants: [Cynful] Skinny Jeans – Pastel Coral @ The Dressing Room

Heels: BabyDoll. Peeptoe Heels / Bby Blue @ fi*friday